How sailing clubs can view contact tracing details

MySail provides an easy way for Yacht Club Managers and Administrators to view contact tracing details for yachts attending their races and events.

To do this, you need to first get access to our free yacht club portal. If you do not already have access, simply email to get access to this now.

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Schedule you race or event in MySail

I order to see a list of yachts that are attending your races or events, you first need to schedule the race or event in MySail. 

This article and short video shows you how.

Step 2: Ask yacht owners to manage their crew schedule using these events

MySail provides an easy way for yacht owners and skippers to manage their race crews using our free app. 

Once you have entered the series, race or event details, yachts planning to attend your event can easily add these to their schedule in MySail and invite their crews to attend. 

This article explains how owners can schedule events in MySail.

Step 3: View Attending Yachts and their Crew List in your portal

To view the attending yachts and their crew list, simple log into your portal, go to the 'All Races & Events' page, find the race in question and click on the number in the 'Attending Yachts' column.

This will take you to the Attending Yachts page for that event. On the left had side of this page you can see a list of the yachts that have added this event to their MySail schedule. Click Download Crew List' to download a .csv file containing a list of the attending crew as well as their contact details.

Clicking 'View Crew List' shows you the yacht's attending crew list on the right hand side of this page. Here you can use the 'View Emergency Contact Details' and 'View Contact Details' actions to view these details for each crew member as well as the yacht owner.

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