Creating Series, Races & Events

This article explains how to schedule new series, races and events in the MySail Yacht Club portal.

Under 'Races & Events' go to 'Add Races & Events'. This page is where you can create a new Series, Race or Event in MySail.

Upload Races & Events

On this page you'll find an excel template which you can download, fill in with all of your upcoming series and event information, and send to us to upload on your behalf. Please email the completed file to to have this uploaded.

Add Races & Events

You can add races & events directly in the section on the right of the screen called 'Add Races & Events.'

Series or Event Details

Whenever you add something new in this page, it gets scheduled as a Series, even if there is only one date. The details you enter in the top of this section relate to the whole series.

[ Please note: If you have already schedule a Series and want to add an extra race or event to this, you need to go to the Series page and add the new date there instead.]

Series or event name: this is the name of the series or event. 

Type of event: select the type from the drop down list.

Location: start typing the address of location where the event is starting and you sill see a list to select from. 

Name, event type and location are the same for all events in this series (only applicable if entering more than 1 date): If you are scheduling a series where the races all have different locations, names, etc, you can untick this box to add this information for each event. You will see these additional fields added below in the 'Event Dates' section.

Visible (this will be shown on MySail’s Race & Regatta Search page): If you don't want this shown on the MySail Series listing page, until this box.

Event Dates

Each date you enter here will create a seperate event in this series.

You can manually enter one or multiple dates, or you can schedule a daily, weekly or monthly recurring event. If you have already created the events or some of the events (i.e. if they are part of multiple series), you can link them here instead of creating new events.

Create new event versus linking existing event

By default this section is set to 'Create new event.' If you click on the toggle at the top you can switch this to 'Link existing event.' Doing this lets you select an event that you have already scheduled to link this existing event to the new series.

You can link multiple existing events to a new series, or link a few existing events and add a few new events. Just click the '+Add another date' text and select whether to 'Create new event' or 'Link existing event' for each.

Adding multiple dates

If you'd like to manually enter multiple dates, click the '+ Add another date' text at the bottom, this will reveal another date and time selector. You can keep clicking this to add several different dates and start / end times.

Adding recurring event dates

If you have a race or event that happens on a recurring daily, weekly or monthly schedule, click the 'Schedule recurring event' text at the bottom of this section to open the recurring event selector.

Here you can select the first date, last date and frequency. This will schedule an event for each day, week or month in the selected period. The selected start time and end time will be applied to all of these.

Saving the Series

When you have entered all of the details, click Save to schedule this new Series.

After you click save you will see a pop-up asking if you want to manage this series - you can close this to add another one, or click to manage it if you want to enter more details such as a description, custom image or race entry and documentation links.

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