How to download contact tracing details in MySail (for skippers)

MySail provides an easy way to mange contact tracing requirements for racing, training or any other activities you do on your yacht or with your crew.

Here's how...

Step 1: Schedule your race or event in MySail and invite your crew. 

One of MySail's key functions is to help yacht owners and skippers easily organise their race crew. 

If you haven't used this function yet and would like some guidance to get started, these two short articles and videos will show you how:

  1. How to manage your crew list
  2. How to manage you sailing schedule

Step 2: Make sure your crew's Availability is set correctly

Crew will update their Availability for each race or event, so you can easily see who's coming along. 

If there are any changes to attendance on race day, all you need to do is check that everyone who attends is marked as 'Available' in the event page so you have an accurate record of who attended.

Step 3: Download crew log

If you need to access a record of the crew for the day, you'll automatically have this available for 12 months in MySail. 

To find an event that has already occurred, use the filters at the top to view 'Past' events. You can then click on an individual crew member's name to view their contact details, or click 'Download Log' to download a csv file with all of the crew, their contact details and the date, meeting time and end time of the event.

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