How to track crew details in MySail for contact tracing

For anyone using MySail to manage their races and sailing events, crew details required for contact tracing can automatically be tracked in the system. 

This makes it easy to meet your contact tracing requirements without having the hassle of submitting extra paper work or entering a crew list for each event on race day. It also provides a way to manage contact tracing for training days, boat work, social events and more.

This is free for crew, yacht owners and yacht clubs to help you implement a convenient and efficient contact tracing program at no cost.

Contact tracing in MySail works as follows:

  1. Crew - crew need to enter their contact details in the system; most of these will already be captured when the sign up. Click here to view how this works.
  2. Skippers - when a skipper uses MySail to manage their sailing schedule, we save the crew list and crew contact details automatically. All that needs to be done on race day is to make sure the crew Availability is marked correctly in the system. If you are attending a club event, make sure to select the event from the list provided, that way the club will automatically have access to your contact tracing details as well. Click here to view how this works.
  3. Sailing Clubs - when skippers attend a sailing club's race that is listed in the system, MySail automatically links skipper's crew list for that event to the sailing club's admin portal. This provides the club with a list of attending yachts and a list of the crew that are sailing on each yacht. Yacht Club admins can view and crew's contact and emergency contact details in their admin portal, or download a crew register for each yacht. Click here to view how this works.
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