Account Settings

How to easily track and share personal, sailing, safety, qualification and emergency contact details in MySail.

The MySail Account Settings section provides an easy way to keep track of and share information that's often required to enter sailing events. This includes:

  • Personal contact details;
  • Sailing registration details;
  • Emergency contact details;
  • Personal safety equipment details; and
  • Qualifications (including certificate upload).

Saving this information in MySail makes it easy to find later when required by yourself or a yacht you sail on for race registration.

Information you enter in the Account Settings section will be available to the administrators of any yachts that you sail on, when you opt into joining their team on MySail. This information may also be available to Race Organisers when you are participating in their races.

Your privacy is important to us. You can find out more about how your personal information is used here or in our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on this, please email us:

Accessing Account Settings

To access the Account Settings section, login to MySail and click on the Account Settings drop-down (where you see your name), then select 'Accounts Settings'. 

Within Accounts Settings you can navigate between the Personal Details, Sailing Details, Emergency Contact, Safety Equipment & Qualifications sections using the secondary navigation bar.

Simply enter your details and click Save in each page.


What the heck is an MNA, you may ask? MNA stands for Member National Authority; they are the national governing bodies for the sport of sailing around the world. For example, Australia's MNA is Australian Sailing, New Zealand's MNA is Yachting New Zealand and Canada's MNA is Sail Canada.

You can select your MNA in the Sailing Details page and enter your member number.

Document Upload

You're able to upload documents in the Safety Equipment and Qualifications pages.

Safety Equipment: upload and store your PFD servicing certificate.

Qualifications: upload and store certificates for any qualifications you've entered here.

To upload a document simply click or drag & drop the file to the uploader. Files need to be PDF, PNG or JPEG format and less than 2MB.

Don't forget to click Save after you've uploaded your document!

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