SMS Notifications

You are able to send messages via SMS to members through the club portal.

Purchasing SMS Credits

SMS credits can be purchased through the SMS Credits page, found under the Messages drop-down menu.

Credits are pre-purchased in packages of 100, 200 or 500. Every time an SMS is sent to a member, we will deduct one credit from your package. If you send a single message to multiple members this will use a credit for each member who receives the SMS.

Sending Messages via SMS

You can choose to send a message via SMS from any of the Message modals in the club portal. SMS messages can be sent immediately, or scheduled to send at a later date and time.


If you are unable to send a member a message by SMS, it's likely due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The member's mobile number has not been verified.
  2. The member has opted out of receiving messages via SMS.

You can see who has and does not have a verified phone number on file in the All Sailors page, 'Phone number is verified' column. 

You can also see when a message has been sent via SMS in the Messages page.

We will not deduct SMS credits for anyone who cannot receive a message via SMS.

If you members need help verifying their mobile number, you can direct them to this article in our Help Centre.

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