This article explains how the Messages feature works in the club portal.

Whenever you send a new message from anywhere in the club portal, it will be saved in the Messages page. On this page, you can view all sent messages as well as who they were sent to. 

When sending a message, the member who this is sent to will see this in their MySail account in the Notifications page.

Email & SMS Notifications

You can also opt to send them an email notification and/or SMS notification alerting them to the new message from the club. You can see a time stamp and whether a message was sent by SMS and/or email above the text of each message. 

  • Email notifications will include the full message text in the body of the email.
  • SMS notifications will include the first few words of the message text in the body of the SMS, with a link to view the full message in the app.


Members are not able to reply directly to Messages sent though the club portal. 

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