How to verify your mobile number

This article explains how to add and verify your mobile number in MySail. 

Verifying your mobile number ensures we have this entered correctly, and enables you to receive notifications via SMS (find out how to control what SMS notifications you receive from MySail here).

Entering your mobile number

You will be asked to enter your mobile phone number when you first sign up to MySail. 

You can edit your mobile number anytime in the Personal Details page. To access this page, login to MySail, go to the account drop-down menu and click the Personal Details link.

To enter your phone number, start typing your mobile phone number in the MOBILE NUMBER field, including the country code. Alternatively, you can select the Country from the drop-down list and then type in your mobile number starting after the country code.

Verifying your mobile number

Once you have correctly entered your mobile number, click the 'Verify' button. A modal will open - click 'Send Code' to receive a verification code to the mobile number you entered. Once received, enter the 4-digit verification code in the field shown and click 'Confirm.'

You will be able to enter and verify a new mobile number twice a month. Once you have reached this limit, if you'd like to change your mobile number again, you will need to wait until the 30 days resets before you can verify a new number.

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