How to add members

This article explains how to add members to your club account in MySail.

You can add members to your yacht club or association's member database in MySail.

There are two ways to add members here:

  1. Download and complete the Upload Member template, and then submit that to us for uploading to your club's account.
  2. Enter individual members using the Add Member form.

Members details:

  1. First name - required;
  2. Last name - required;
  3. Email address - optional, but required if you also want to 'Invite to join MySail';
  4. Phone number - optional;
  5. Membership number - optional;
  6. Membership type - optional, this is selected from the list of Membership Types that you have added on this page;
  7. Yacht name - optional;
  8. Membership since date - optional, select the date when the member first joined your club or association;
  9. Add to volunteer list?  - optional, this field will only show if your club has the volunteer management function turned on, ticking this adds the volunteer to the club's volunteer list, as well as the member list;
  10. Invite to join MySail? - optional, ticking this will also send the member an email invitation to register for a free MYSail account so they can manage their crew/sailing schedule and find new crew/crewing positions in MySail.

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