Explained: Members

This article explains the members you see in your Yacht Club portal.

The members page contains a list of everyone in Mysail who is associated with your club or association.

This includes:

  1. MySail members who have marked your yacht or association as a 'member club' in their account; and
  2. People who you have been added to your member list through the 'Add Members' page.

Members in MySail may not be a member of your club. This is because people can select that they are a member without any verification process. The advantage of this is that it allows you to view and communicate with people who are interested in your club, but not yet a member. If you want a better view of who is actually a member, you can use the 'verified member' column to change their status to 'Yes.' There is also a Filter at the top of the 'All Members' page that you can use to filter results for just 'Verified Members' or 'Non-verified Members.'

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