I received an invitation to join MySail, what does this mean?

This article explains how our crew invitation system works and how to set-up your account when you receive an invitation to join.

If your skipper is using MySail to manage their team, they may invite you to join their crew in MySail using your email address.

When they do this, we'll send you an email to inform you that you've be added to their crew list and invite you to set-up an account. 

To do this, simply click on the 'Get Started' button and enter a password in the account activation page. You will then be asked to provide a few basic details in the Account Settings section. It will only take 60 seconds and is a big help to your skipper!

What does this cost?

Nothing! It's absolutely free to set-up your account, however we do offer an optional payment option if you like MySail and want to support us.

Who will see my profile?

Your account and basic profile details (i.e. name, yacht clubs, contact details) are not shared publicly. Your skipper will be able to see these details, if you select a club membership the yacht club may have access to some basic details, and if you join a race or event the organising club may have access to some basic details. You can find out more about this is our Privacy Policy, and we also provide information on how your details are used in the app, wherever you enter these.

If you create a Crew Profile this is shown on the public crew listing page (this is optional).

I don't want an account

If you want to be deleted from our system just send us an email and we will remove you.

I don't know the person who invited me to join

If you think this was done by mistake or not sure why you've been invited to join MySail, send us an email and we'll investigate this for you.

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