How to manage your sailing schedule

This article explains what happens when a skipper invites your to a race, and how to view and manage your race schedule.

When a skipper invites you to a race or event in MySail, an email notification is sent to you with the details of the race (or races).

To respond to the invitation, click the link in this email or log into your MySail account and go to the Schedule page.

Schedule Page

On your Schedule page you will see a list of upcoming events that you have been invited to. 

These are ordered by event date, with your next upcoming event shown first. You can filter by yacht, response and more using the filters at the top of the page.

You can click 'View Details' to see more details about the event. This page may also show a complete crew list and crew position assignments for each race (this is not always shown, depending on the preference of the skipper).

Responding to a Race or Event Invitation

Any event that you've been invited to but haven't yet responded will show the status 'Not Responded' with a red border. Click on the status to select whether you’re Available, Maybe or Not Available.

Your skipper will see your status in their account, so they know who will and will not be attending each race.

You can change your response at anytime, but once you select a response you cannot go back to the 'Not Responded' status. If you have said that you're available and change this, we suggest you also contact your skipper directly to make sure they don’t end up short handed. You can easily send your skipper a direct message in the View Event Details page by clicking 'Message Skipper' or using the phone number details shown there.

Sailing on Multiple Yachts

If you sail on more than one yacht that uses MySail, then you will see a complete list of all upcoming races and events here. This is a great way to ensure you don't have conflicts between your various sailing schedules, and keep a single view of when you're sailing next.

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