Premium Account Changes June 2023

As advised by an email to all members on 30 May and 16 June, we're making some changes to our membership plans.

The current Pay What You Want plans are being decommissioned, and instead we will offer three membership options:

  1. Free Membership Plan
  2. Premium Crew Plan
  3. Premium Skipper Plan

These changes will be rolled out on 18 June, 2023.


Over the past few years, we have worked hard to build a sailing platform that helps people get out on the water more often, and pleased to say we now service a global community of over 10,000 sailors and skippers. With a passion for sailing, our goal was to make this as low cost and accessible as possible to the sailing community.

To date, MySail has been supported by a dedicated group of Pay What You Want members who have provided a voluntary payment for use of this service - we are very grateful for your support. ❤️  But, as our membership has continued to grow, so have our expenses. To continue to provide and improve on this service, we have decided to implement a freemium account structure for all members. This means we will continue to have a free account option for all members, but to access certain features you will need to pay a small membership fee (scroll down for more details).

Along with this update, we have also made some improvements to the website performance and are working on additional optimisations to our messaging as well as new functionality such as an add to calendar feature.

When will these changes come into effect?

These changes will be implemented on Sunday 18 June. The website may be unavailable for a short time between 12pm and 6pm AEST (Sydney, Australia time) on that day.

What's a freemium account structure?

MySail will continue to offer a free plan for all members, but in order to access certain features, members will need to upgrade to a premium plan and pay a small fee.

What will the premium plans cost?

For Crew members the premium plan will cost $48 per year or $5.50 per month. For Owner / Skipper members the premium plan will cost $120 per year or $15 per month. All pricing is in Australian dollars and includes any applicable sales tax.

I use MySail to manage my crew and sailing schedule - will my crew now need to pay for a membership?

No, crew members will not need to pay to use use any of the scheduling or communication features if they are sailing on a yacht that uses MySail. The Owner / Skipper however will need to pay for a premium account in order to access these scheduling and crew management features,

What will happen to members who already pay a fee through the a Pay-What-You-Want account?

These members will automatically be moved to the new premium subscriptions and will pay the lesser of their existing fee or the new premium account fee. They will get access to all premium features and will continue to pay the same fee.

What will users get for free?

Free users will be able to: create a crew profile; browse crew, yachts, races & clubs; view upcoming volunteer opportunities at your club; view your sailing and volunteer schedule; communicate with your sailing team(s); manage your personal and emergency contact details; upload and manage your qualifications.

What features will Crew members need to pay for?

A premium Crew plan will be required for members wishing to: share their crew profile on the race pages; respond to published crewing opportunities; message skippers & other crew members from the crew/yacht profiles pages.

What features will Owner / Skipper members need to pay for?

A premium Skipper plan will be required for members wishing to: create a yacht profile; advertise for crew on our yacht search page; message crew; create & manage your yacht’s crew list; schedule races and invite crew; track crew availability for races; view crew's personal, emergency contact and qualification details.

What additional features and updates are you rolling out with these changes?

We have made a number of small enhancements and optimisations to the site which will be rolled out along with the new premium accounts on 18 June. In addition, we are currently working on some significant optimisations to the messaging feature as well as a new add to calendar feature which will make it easy to download your races and events to an external calendar. We will share more details of these updates as we get ready to roll them out.

Where can I view the refund policy?

Our refund policy is available on our website. After the new account changes go live on 18 June, 2023, you will be able to view an updated refund policy here that explains the refund policy for the premium membership options.

What if I need help with my account or have questions?

You can find help for general MySail questions by searching the Help Centre. For anything else, email

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