Pay what you want plan

Our Pay What You Want plans are being decommissioned on 18 June, 2023 and we are moving to a freemium account structure (meaning we will offer a free membership level and premium membership which provides access to additional features). You can find out more about these changes here:

For the first few years, the MySail app was completely free to use. However, some members chose to pay a small recurring fee to help fund our ongoing operations and development. This was called the 'Pay What You Want' plan.

This was an optional payment - you choose the amount you would like to pay and the frequency, and you could opt-out at anytime.

Since this is an optional payment plan we did not provide any refunds, however members could cancel their paid plan at anytime (with 7 days notice). Click here to view our refund policy.

The Pay What You Want plan will be decommissioned on 18 June, 2023.

MySail Premium

We are working on a premium version of the app that will provide some additional features that our members have been asking for. MySail Premium will be available for a monthly or annual subscription.

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