How to hide your yacht profile

This article explains how to hide your yacht profile.

If you are no longer looking for crew and would like to stop receiving new messages, you can Hide your profile from the public search page.

Simply log in and head to your Yacht Profile page, then click 'Hide Profile.'

Doing this will remove your profile from the yacht search page.

Your profile will still be visible in the following places:

  • Anyone who has a direct link to your profile will still be able to view it;
  • People can still view your profile from the link sent when you send or reply to a message;
  • If you opt-in to any races or regattas in the Event Search page, your profile will be visible when someone views that event.

Show Profile

Once hidden, the text in this button changes to 'Show Profile' and you'll see some text explaining that your profile is now hidden. 

You can re-publish your profile at anytime by clicking 'Show Profile.'

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