How to create your yacht profile

This article describes how to create your yacht profile in MySail.

A great yacht profile is the best way to showcase your yacht to potential crew, and attract the right crew to join your team.

Your yacht profile appears in the MySail Connect yacht search page and provides some information about your yacht and sailing program.

It is important that your profile reflects your sailing program, competitiveness and requirements as accurately as possible.

How to Create a Yacht Profile

To start creating your yacht profile, log into MySail, click the Account Menu dropdown at the top right (where you see your name) and then select Yacht Profile. This will guide you through a 2-page process to create your profile.

Any fields marked with an * are required. The other fields are optional, but we suggest you provide as much detail as possible to give potential crew a good overview of your yacht and sailing program.

Once you've completed both pages, click the button 'Save & Next' on the second page to publish your profile.

Congratulations! Your yacht profile is now live. Other users will be able to find and view your profile.

Advertise Crew Positions

Looking for crew? After creating your yacht profile we suggest advertising a crew position. Click here for more information on how to do this.

Need More Help?

Click here for more help on managing your yacht profile.

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