This article explains the messaging feature and describes how to send, view and respond to messages.

MySail messages page shows your full message history, and lets you respond to individual and group messages.

Individual messages

Individual messages can be sent using the 'Message' button in crew and yacht profiles, and the message (envelope) icon located in various places around the app. 

When you send a new individual message, this will create a new message thread with that members in the Messages page and also sends them an email notification. They can respond by logging in and going to the thread in their Messages page, or simply by hitting reply and responding to the email.

Group messages

Anyone who manages a yacht can send a new group message to:

  • Their whole crew from the Crew List page;
  • Their race crew from the Event Management page.

In both of these pages, clicking the 'Message All Crew' button opens a modal to send a new group message. 

In the Crew List page this goes to everyone on your Crew List.

From the Event Management page you have the option of sending the group message to all crew who have been invited to that event, or select crew by their availability status.An email notification is sent to everyone in the group when a new group message is sent and to let members know when there are replies (replies that are sent in close succession are grouped into one email to avoid spamming group message recipients!). Group messages can only be replied to in the app - replying to a group message email does not work.

Members can leave a group message at any time by clicking the 'Leave Conversation' link at the bottom of the message window. Once you leave a group message, you're not able to opt back in. You will still be able to view the message history, but you can't see future updates or reply to the group.

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