Message Reply Rates

This article explains the message reply rates you can see in Crew and Yacht profiles.

In the top left of Crew and Yacht profiles you can see a message reply rating and how long it typically takes for the member to reply to messages.

This indicates which members are active and likely to reply to messages. 

These reply ratings are only calculated once for new individual messages, meaning you only need to send one reply to a new message to maintain a perfect rating. 

If a member provides external contact information in their original message, to maintain your good message rating we suggest that you reply through MySail to maintain a good reply rating. Remember, replying through MySail keeps your personal contact details private and lets you find out more information about a crew member or skipper before you choose to share these.

Group messages are not counted in the reply rating, as they are often used for information broadcasts and thus may not warrant a reply.

Sending a message and not getting a reply is very frustrating for other members, so if you are no longer looking for crew/to crew, we suggest you hide your profile to stop receiving new messages.

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