How to remove crew from your crew list

This article explains how to delete a crew member from your yacht's Crew List.

You can delete crew members from your Crew List in the My Crew page.

Go to the ‘My Crew’ page, click on the small ‘x’ to the right of the crew you would like to remove, and click confirm to remove this crew member.

Removing a crew from your crew list will also remove them from any events they have been invited to attend on your yacht and any group message threads. Doing this does not delete the crew member’s account.

Steps to delete crew from your crew list:

  1. Go to the Crew List page;
  2.  Click the delete icon next to the crew member;
  3. Click confirm to remove the crew.

Note: once you a remove a crew from your crew list, this function cannot be undone. However, you can add them back at anytime through the add crew functions.

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