Add a yacht to your account

Add a yacht to your crew account

If you currently have a crew account and would like to start managing a yacht as well, simply email and provide the name of the yacht and we will upgrade your account. Once this is done you'll have all of the additional yacht management and yacht profiles features without losing any of your crewing information or history. 

Please note, when you request the change you need to email us from the email address currently associated with your crew account.

Add a second yacht to your account

At the moment it's only possible to have one yacht associated with your account. If you own multiple yachts or help to manage more than one, at the moment you'll need a seperate account set-up for each yacht.

If you would like the ability to have two or more yachts linked to the same account please send us an email to let us know. This is a feature we plan to add in the future and your feedback helps us plan timing for product updates.

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