Product Updates: May 2024

Hide profile from google search results

We implemented a feature in our crew and yacht profiles so members can choose to hide their profiles from google search results.

This can be turned on by ticking the checkbox ‘Hide my profile from search engines’ at the bottom of the create crew profile - about page and create yacht profile - about pages.

This will mark the page as ‘noindex’ for search engines. This won’t necessarily hide the profile from all search engines, but this is recognised by google. If you have had a profile visible on MySail for a while the page may already be indexed, meaning it will not be immediately removed by ticking this checkbox. If you have questions or need help with this, you can email us at

Improvements to qualifications page

We made some updates to the Personal Details - Qualifications page to fix some small bugs and improve usability on this page, including:

  1. Fixed a bug that was preventing users from deleting a current qualification.
  2. Updates how certificates are uploaded to improve the usability of this feature.
  3. Updated the maximum file size of certificate uploads from 1MB to 5MB.

Improvements to the Place Crew Ad page

We updated the way event and series data is loaded in the Find Crew - Place Crew Ad page to optimise this page and significantly improve the loading speed.

Updated password security for new accounts

We updated the password requirements for new accounts and new passwords to require more secure passwords and improve the security of member accounts.

The new password requirements for all accounts are:

  1. at least 10 characters long
  2. contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number and one special character
  3. special characters can be any of: @ $ ! % * ? & # . ”

UI Improvements for Scheduling pages

We made several UI improvements in the scheduling pages, both for desktop and mobile view.

Bug fix in membership page - upgrade to skipper plan

We fixed a bug in the membership page that was preventing members on a Crew plan from upgrades to a Skipper plan. 

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