Product Updates: March 2024

Notification page updates

We made some small UI updates to the Notifications page to improve how these are displayed. Notifications are messages sent from clubs to their members or interested sailors.

Special characters enabled for yacht names

We updated how yacht names are saved to enable the inclusion of special characters such as ! and ? in yacht names.

Bug fix with request recommendation button

We fixed an issue in a member’s yacht profile page that was preventing the correct functioning of the Request Recommendation button.

This button appears when a user is looking at their own yacht profile and allows them to request a recommendation from other MySail members.

Bug fix with canceling a plan on a free trial

If members canceled their premium plan while they were still on a free trial, this was previously working correctly in the backend but the cancellation was not appearing correctly to the member. This has been fixed to ensure members can easily see that their premium plan has been canceled.

Bug fix with Place Crew Ad function

We fixed a bug in the Select Race or Regatta page which is the first step in placing a crew wanted ad from the Find Crew page (available to yacht owners only). This bug was previously preventing a yacht’s schedule from loading correctly in the drop-down filter.

This has been fixed so all scheduled races and regattas are loading correctly. We also optimised this function to improve the loading speed on this page.

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